Pillars Of The Trust

It's not about your Role it's all about the Goal.


About the president

VVCT President
Shri. Chh. Vedantikaraje S. Bhonsle


Shri. Chh. Shivendrasinhraje Bhonsle

MLA Satara-Jawali

Under the farsighted Presidentship of Shri. Chh. Vedantikaraje S Bhonsle. VVCT has grown leaps and bounds in enriching the life of the people it touched. Embodying the principles of this trust Shri. Chh. Vedantikaraje S Bhonsle has worked tirelessly toward the social and educational upliftment of the rural population. Be it striving to provide the best educational facilities available. Or organising programs and rallies to draw public awareness to address issues like fight against gutka and alcohol, Ban on plastic, tree plantations the list can go on endlessly.

Shri. Ch. Shivendrasinhraje Bhonsle , the honourable MLA of Satara-Jawali Constituency. He is the pillar of support behind his wife. The source of inspiration behind the various initiatives undertaken by the trust. His constant guidance has lead to the steady growth of our trust.