Social objectives

Our social objectives

Some of the notable contributions of this group are as follows:

Formed under the VVC Trust, Kartavya Social Group focusses on social and cultural initives across Satara. We have been consistently working towards a better future by providing different platforms for awareness, self-help groups etc. Under the leadership we have been able to succesfully aomplete the following initives:

1) In fond memory of Shrimant Chhatrapati Abhaysinhraje Bhonsle, a 100 bed AIDS centre for orphan children named “Aadhar”, has been established for the remand home in Satara.

2) A Drive to stop the use of plastic bags the government authorities and various municipalities were compelled to implement the ban on using plastic bags. As an alternative to plastic bags paper and cloth bags were supplied to various shops with the help of various Women Self-Help Groups

3) Consistent drive against the use of Gutka is conducted using various mediums like enacting street plays, putting up posters and banners.The result of which are visible in the decrease in the sale of gutka.

4) Eye Care drive initiated under which prescription glasses and other eye-care facilities were distributed. Around 3000 cataract patients have been operated with the help of K.K Eye Hospital – Pune.

5) Tree plantation drives are regularly conducted in various schools, colleges, social/youth organizations and women organizations. We not only focus on planting trees, but these occasions are also used to educate children about the importance of nature & the ill-effects of pollution. One lakh specially selected trees well suited to the local flora planted already

6) Blood donation camps are organized on a regular basis throughout the year, and the blood collected is supplied to the District Civil Hospital. In collaboration with the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, an Artificial Limb Camp was organised for the physically-handicapped, at which, around 111 patients have benefitted.

Across Satara district, medical camps are conducted on a regular basis for diagnosis of all types of ailments especially for rural women and children.

7) Every year the trust creates awareness within the local community to discourage people from using clay or plaster-of-paris idols during Ganpati festival. Also, all the flowers, garlands etc used by the Ganpati Mandals/Devotees are collected and disposed off in an eco friendly manner.

8) On 2nd October every year, a bicycle rally is held to promote “A Day Without Vehicle” and people are encouraged to observe such a day at least once every week.

9) With the assistance of K.L.E. Hospital – Belgaum, a heart-ailment camp for children between the ages of 1 to 15 was held and free check-up was provided to 53 patients.